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Temporary Access Platform Suite

Facility Management & Maintenance System

We engineer and deploy powerful real estate software, integrated with IoT, Access Control and BIM.

True Innovations For Your Visitors | Visitor Management System Singapore

Taps Kiosk

Transform your reception into an intelligent space delivering personalized experiences to your visitors.


Taps Guard

Empower your building security with an access management app that simplifies life for your guards and visitors alike.


Taps Hello

Conveniently communicate with your guests and building security and grant access remotely.


Temporary Access Platform Suite

Our Temporary Access Platform Suite has a modular API-based architecture and allows full integration with third party solutions.

Automate for hyper-efficient
real estate operations

Operational Efficiency Boost for your Real Estate


Centralize your real estate and facilities data and drive operational improvements using ArchiFM. 

Experience a broad range of software functionalities, yet simple and user friendly. 

ArchiFM is a fully integrated and robust Real Estate Facility Management system. It is interoperable with ArchiCAD, BIM/IFC and OrthoGraph, which no other facility management software can do.

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