Real Estate Facility Management System

Digitize, simplify and optimize your Facility Management

Enterprise-scale software platform

ArchiFM helps organizations capture and analyze information, manage operations as well as optimise and report on the management of their real estate portfolio.

Supervisory layer to consolidate real estate data

Centralize real estate and facilities data to drive operational improvements and to achieve fast and accurate reporting on critical facilities information.

Robust system with rich functionality

Asset Planning

  • Lease Management

  • Asset Management

  • Area Management

  • Equipment Inventory

Maintenance Management

  • Repair maintenance
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Service and Maintenance

Work Order Handling

  • Mobile work order management
    for field workers
  • ERP Integration
  • Downtime tracking and

IoT, BMS and 3D building surveying

Agile and modular based installations

ArchiFM’s modular based architectures allows for a gradual
roll-out of the software platform. The modular data sets are
interconnected and can be integrated with IoT, BMS,
ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and OrthoGraph – a 3D building surveying

Empower your real estate with insights and tools

Cost control

Reduce utility bills and optimize maintenance processes to extend the lifetime of assets.

Configurability of software

Delivering strong functionality with best practice workflows that can be aligned with your specific needs.

Data Analysis

Increase the amount of data you collect and improve data quality to maximise insights.

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose your preferred hosting environment. We offer on-premise, shared SaaS hosting and dedicated
SaaS hosting options.

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