Taps Kiosk

Visitor Self Registration System

Elevate the way you host your visitors

Full lifecycle visitor experience

From the moment your visitor arrives until the hosting completes, all necessary authentication, verification and issuance of temporary access will be managed seamlessly without adding inconveniences to the process.

A single platform

Taps Kiosk provides organizations, landlords and anyone a platform to secure, manage and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations as seamless as can be.

What Taps Kiosk can offer you…


  • Visitor’s arrival notification
  • Package delivery logging
  • Emergency alert


  • Auditable information
  • Global scalability
  • Big data reporting
  • Live dashboard


  • Comply with PDPA & GDPR
  • Proactive security
  • Centralized management

Protect more than just access

Keep your people and intellectual property secure

Security is a sensitive topic and an important element when it comes to Visitor Management System.

Taps Kiosk helps protect intellectual property through prevention of unauthorized access, monitoring of activities and movements of visitor while ensuring every interaction drives maximum productivity.

Some of the key benefits of Taps Kiosk

Forget manual paperwork !

Taps replaces the traditional method of registering your visitors and securely stores visitor information. 

Speed things up !

Faster check-ins through advance scheduling with the visitors via automated emails, QR codes and future forms of verification.

Data, data, data...

With all the information you gathered, we can help you to provide real time reporting, live dashboard view of your visitors and generate analytic reporting.

Protect your visitor & yourself !

Safeguard and secure intellectual property through non-disclosure agreements (NDA) that visitors can view and/or sign based on business processes.

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