Taps Guard

Security Management System

It’s not a replacement, it’s an add-on layer for authentication and verification.

Virtual Gatekeeper

Taps Guard acts a virtual gatekeeper for any entrances that requires authentication of access, verification of visitor, digitize visitor monitoring and populate data into a dashboard.  


Taps Guard provides a platform that not only protects the residents / tenants from unregistered or unwelcome visitors but also protecting the management and security team from accountability and responsibility.


  • Visitor’s arrival notification
  • Package delivery logging
  • Emergency alert

Authentication and verification

  • Auditable information
  • Global scalability
  • Big data reporting
  • Live dashboard


  • Comply with PDPA & GDPR
  • Proactive security
  • Centralized management

A direct link to your guards.

A safer community

Taps Guard connects the security guard on duty with the tenants through web and mobile technologies of tomorrow, while adding an effective layer of security to any community, be it a neighbourhood or a building or a public event hall.

Helping hand for guard on duty

We provide a platform for authentication and verification of visitors or non-tenant occupier of the premise / building. 

A safe environment to be at...

Taps Guard offers a solution that embraces the creation and maintenance of a safe environment in an inconspicious manner.

Improvement and scalable

Taps Guard improves the quality of security services provided to the building or any restricted sites that requires access control. 

Added value to the community

We provide a workforce management that improves productivity and accountability while connecting the property community through Taps Guard.

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