Taps Hello  

Smart Intercom System

The smarter way to communicate

Reduce the dependency of hardware

Taps Hello is the solution trending towards technology
adapting SaaS rather than the traditional hardware system.

A single platform

Taps Kiosk provides organizations, landlords and anyone a platform to secure, manage and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations as seamless as can be.

What Taps Hello can offer you…



  • 2 way voice for host & visitor

  • 1 way video for host

  • Remote access

Data Storage

  • All visits are logged

  • Snapshot of visitor

  • Audit trails


  • Manage permissions

  • Pre-approved virtual key

  • 6 digit pin as alternative

  • Time based virtual key or pin

Integrate with Access Control and IoT

Scalability with other solutions

In keeping up with today’s technological trend, it’s best to
combine the best of what is available in the market with Taps
Hello. That’s the flexibility and scalability of Taps Hello that
allows integration to enhance the as-is solution.

Some of the key benefits of Taps Hello

Out with old, in with Technology

Forget about the traditional intercom solution where everything is physically wired and hardware dependant. 

Simplicity for you & your guest

Taps Hello is here to simplify the access for you to manage remotely and for your guest to request when accessing the restricted area. 

A new visitor experience

Taps Hello not only helps creating a branding image for you, but elevates your visitor’s experience without adding inconveniences to the process. 

Anywhere, anytime

Taps Hello empowers the control to the host to manage their access and capability to grant access or check live status anywhere, anytime. 

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